Clare Rose Designs

Project Date: October 2014

  • Front-end development
  • WordPress
  • SEO

Planning with sketches and sitemaps

The Brief

Clare Rose is a local mosaic & Textile designer, running classes in the Brighton area. Her previous website was around 10 years old and was showing it’s age. She wanted it redeveloped to better market herself, and provide better search engine optimisation. She also wanted to be able to edit herself, and have a blog area.

I was lucky enough to be recommended Bradley to design my new website. I’m not at all technology minded, but I knew what I wanted. Although he is young he was extremely good to work with and he was extremely patient with me and I got the most fantastic website. Really, Really pleased, completely recommend this new Web Designer.
– Clare Rose


What I did

I knew Clare’s customers would be wanting to view the website on a wide range of devices from potentially old PC’s to modern smartphones. As such I built the site in a mobile-first responsive way, meaning that all users would be supported.

The content was mostly supplied from the start, which made the development significantly easier. However, I did make some suggestions and changes as the design progressed. For example, I got lost getting to her studio for the second meeting, leading us to add a map too the website.

The client also said she wanted to be able to blog and edit the site herself. Therefore I installed WordPress, and trained her how to use it. This means she can keep the website up-to-date and regularly update the content which can help SEO.

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